TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer
TourStroke Trainer

TourStroke Trainer


Stroke path putting trainer for all skill levels.



It’s both a training device and a conventional putter.

Used as a training device you position the putter face 1” behind a golf ball at address so that the shaft is aligned with the back edge of the ball. Making a stroke from this position you will automatically execute the three fundamentals of a perfect stroke.

  • Shorter Takeaway: Because the head is already 1” behind the ball the takeaway is shorter which minimizes rerouting of the club off of the intended swing plane.
  • Square Thru Impact: On the forward stroke the golfer is aware that the putter head is back away from the shaft. This requires the golfer to maintain a square putter face for an extra 1” past the normal point of impact.
  • Longer Follow-Through: The delayed impact requires the golfer to make a longer follow thru, a key to proper putting technique.

Used as a conventional putter the golfer places the head immediately behind the ball. In doing so the golfer must preset the right wrist. This greatly reduces the activity of the hands promoting a more simple and dependable rocking of the shoulders. With the entire head positioned away from the shaft the TourStroke has an extremely high (effective) moment of inertia (MOI) of 20,000 that in turn greatly enhances stability and accuracy.

This vast difference in stability combined with a forward preset wrist greatly improves a golfer’s accuracy, especially on shorter high-pressure putts.

Reviews (10)
  1. Karl (verified owner)

    Not Just a Training Aid

    I bought this because I saw some videos on Youtube that interested me. I have also been interested in buying an Evnroll putter but I really didn’t want to spend over 300 bucks on one. This thing is a legal putter and after getting used to it I have found it to be incredible. Even though it isn’t milled it still feels great. I switched to the claw grip with it and have had great results. I’m not joking for 150 bucks it is the best value in my bag hands down.

  2. Seoulman (verified owner)

    This thing works

    I have always “hit” my putts instead of rolling them. This putter is amazing in how it lets me feel and the groove the true “stroke” that tools putts like the pros.

  3. stevemac (verified owner)

    Does the job-

    Great putter-helps me work on the length of my stroke and line. Practice or play and helps me keep me more down the line!!

  4. Kristopher H (verified owner)

    Very Consistent

    This putter will tighten up your misses to the right and left, allowing you to concentrate more on your speed, which is the most important of the 3.
    It looks a bit strange as you set up to the ball, but after a few minutes of acclimation, you feel as if you can make everything!
    If you dismiss this putter after looking at it, or after a quick try out in the store, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice….
    Give it a thorough testing, and you may find yourself putting it into your bag.
    I have!

  5. Jonathan (verified owner)

    A great product with great result

    Evnroll has made a product that provides immediate results to your putting game when done correct. The aggressive design to place to hands forward allows the ball to Stat and stay on its intended path.

    I do have two minor complaints which honesty is more personal preference :

    1. A little to much offset, I felt as though I was starting the ball left more than I would like. I just became more of a mental note in my mind. I have been told the milled version has less offset by the customer support.

    2. The multiple colors on the putter head itself. Again personal preference, I would rather have less but it’s nothing that changes the outcome.

    Great product and something I believe will pay dividends for users.

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