ER7 FullMallet
ER7 FullMallet
ER7 FullMallet
ER7 FullMallet
ER7 FullMallet

ER7 FullMallet


A rear perimeter weighted full mallet. Patented

Due to increased demand, we are experiencing lengthened build times. We are currently working to a 3-4 day build time plus shipping for each putter.



ER7 FullMallet – a rear perimeter weighted full mallet.

• CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
• Head Material – 303 stainless steel
• Color – Silver satin finish
• Weight – Tour preferred swingweight at each length. One Dot @ 35”, Two Dots @ 34”, Three Dots @ 33”.
• Face Loft – 2 degrees from the shaft
• Lie Angle – 70 degrees
• Stock Grip – Custom EVNROLL white TourTac
• Length – Measured from center of leading edge to butt
• Balance – 20 degrees toe down
• Shaft – FST stepless, .370” tip
• Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head

Reviews (19)
  1. DCBogeyMan (verified owner)

    Free you mind from putting line

    I have an Evnroll ER7. Got in mid- April. When it first arrived, I struggled with it. Distance control was spotty. Then one day I spent some time with it and my Ping Ketch on the practice green. I realized I did not like the standard Evnroll putter grip that offers some level of counter balancing. So I replaced the grip with a SS mid slim 3.0.

    Distance control improved immediately. Over time I just learned to point and shoot. In my last 15 – 17 rounds 3 -putts are gone completely and any putt inside of 6 feet is a draino.

    Observations – the ball rolls true off the putter head as advertised. The alignment dots work. If the putt has a lots of break I line the putt up to the dot v the center line.

    What Evnroll putters allow you to do is take the break of the putt mostly out of consideration and truly focus on speed. As was been said in putting, speed control is four times more important than putting line.

  2. Sal (verified owner)

    Great putter.

    I received the ER7 putter in early November and already took it to a couple of rounds. My first impression was; “I am keeping it!”.

    My previous putter was a composite “plastic” and I always wanted a full metal putter. This putter is definitely an upgrade to the one I had before. ER7 feels really sturdy and I can honestly say that I feel confident making proper putting stroke on the putting green with it.

    With all the gimmicks on golf equipment, one really needs to try out to make sure it really suits one’s needs. I did not get a fitting but I did visit and tried the EVNROLL putter at a local golf store.

  3. Bundini (verified owner)

    Too Good to b True or Even

    I have used Rife and now Evenrll for 15 years. Guerin Rife fitted me in 2016. It was the most informative and eye opening experience. Aside from fitting me i had a lesson that has stuck. I am really fortunate. The greatest benefit of the Evnroll is the feel, consistent distance and ease to get a putt on line. Weak pulls left from 5’ dont happen.

  4. Big Al (verified owner)

    Confidence is up, scores are down

    Ive always struggled to consistently hit my putter in the sweet spot and my scores have suffered as a result. After having read all of the positive review and watching the videos, I decided to take the plunge and order the ER7. On two occasions now, I have tested it against my Scotty Cameron under controlled conditions. At the local putting green I have measured distances of 6′, 12′ and 18′ from the hole. I then tested each Putter stroking 12 putts from each distance, alternating putters every three puts. The results over two days were consistent in that I sank 4 more putts (out of 36 attempts) with the ER7 than the Scotty. That’s significant I’m my book. Well done Evnroll!

  5. BenMarine (verified owner)

    It Works!

    Outstanding putter. I started hearing about Evnroll and began reading and watching the reviews on Youtube. Contacted a professional fitter and did the recommended fitting process. Spent about 45 minutes on the practice green before playing and made it through the round with no three-putts. Great feel, great look — could definitely feel the effects of the grooves. It lines up fantastic — and the two dots on top truly help with proper lie — and with breaking putts. Thank you for incredible putter!

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