A shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade. Patented

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ER2 MidBlade – a shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade.


  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
  • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
  • Color – Silver satin finish
  • Weight – Tour preferred swingweight at each length. One Dot @ 35”, Two Dots @ 34”, Three Dots @ 33”.
  • Loft Angle – 2 degrees
  • Lie Angle – 70 degrees
  • Stock Grip – EVNROLL White TourTac grip (90 grams)
  • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to top of grip
  • Shaft – Chrome stepless shaft with .370” tip
  • Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head
  • Toe Hang –  22 degrees
Reviews (86)
  1. JerryA (verified owner)

    Fantastic!!! Only 5 stars

    I must have 412K putters in my stable, so it takes a lot to impress me with something new. What Guerin has done with these new putters is beyond belief. It’s brought true feel back to putting. Let’s be clear here, I prefer a non-insert putter that is responsive and the new line delivers. I’ve swung over from an extremely heel shafted putter to this single bend shaft and wide body blade. Love the additional weight in it too. 385 grams? Beefy. Thanks Guerin

  2. Chris Jordan (verified owner)

    Best Putter I have used

    So someone posted yesterday about having lucked into meeting Guerin Rife at a PGA Tour Superstore in Atlanta. Well that immediately sparked my interest, being the former owner of a putter company I wanted to try and get out to meet him. So there were a few exchanges via the thread and a call to the PGA Superstore in Kennesaw and off I went.

    I spoke to one of the PGA SS Employees and asked if they could get a message to Guerin that I wanted to come by, get fit and talk to him about his putters. They did and at 4:10pm I showed up and away we went.

    The very first thing that you notice about Guerin is how approachable, genuinely nice, and fired up about his putters he is. at no point did he talk over me, he let me ask tons of questions and I received all of the answers and he even let me in on some info I did not know. So then it was off to testing his putters.

    If you check out the website you can see all four of the models they currently sell and he had multiples of each there with him. He also had a prototype Mallet(similar to the Barbados) and a blade that was similar to an extended B60 putter as well. As these were the only two in existence I only hit a few putts with each of them since I knew I would not get my grubby little hands on one of them to take home.

    We tried each of the putters and I eventually narrowed it down to the two more blade looking models. For some reason my stance changed every time I put a mallet in my hand and he had to increase the loft on them. The use of the roll board helped two fold.
    1. It helped determine where I was aiming the putter, you can see all of the contact the ball makes with the roll board.
    2. You could see the “launch” of the putter and then when it started to roll. Too little loft and you could immediately tell the ball wold have dug into the ground, two much and you can see the ball as it skips across the roll board.

    Once we finally took my putter (ER2) off the shelf we then tested it and Guerin set about bending it himself to get the lie angle and the loft exactly right. I also paid close attention and hit some balls off of the heel and some off of the toe side of the grooves to see the differences.

    Two major things I noticed……
    1. The grooves no matter where the ball is struck make a huge impact on the ball rolling more quickly.
    2. The grooves did make a difference on distance control.

    I tried a major manufacturer with an very similar headstyle. These heads have an aluminum insert. I could see the ball skip through the end of the roll board, no matter how we moved it around. I also noticed that with the other putter hitting the ball a little on the toe or heel caused a bigger difference in how far the ball traveled.

    So funny enough a former owner of a putter company is no longer rolling one of his own putters, he is now the proud owner of an EVNROLL ER2 with a headcover signed by Guerin Rife.

  3. MonteM (verified owner)

    Truest rolling ever

    I have been around golf on every level from junior, amateur and professional level, I have tried every putter known to mankind and none can compare to the roll the Evnroll putters give. Guerin has given his life to making the best putter possible. Their is not a putter that rolls truer or hugs the ground better then the Evnroll putter. Congrats Guerin you have created putters that truly WORK. THANKS

  4. Reeve whitson (verified owner)


    I’ve used a yes putter for years and nothing could get me off it I loved it but then I was introduced to evnroll and Immediatly loved the look and feel. As a professional golfer feel is everything when it comes to a putter and the feedback from the strike of the face is exactly what I look for In a putter. Been using my ER2 a few weeks now and love it

  5. TJ (verified owner)


    Had a custom fitting with Guerin the other day for a new ER2 and it could not roll any better! This putter is ridiculously forgiving yet maintains the professional feel for the best players. Would recommend to all skill levels.

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