Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip


Virtually eliminates face rotation through impact.



Feeling is Believing

The hands are incredibly sensitive. And the grip is the only physical connection you have to your putter. Where your hands are at impact determines how your putter face makes contact with the ball. 1˚ of face angle at impact will just barely catch the edge of the hole 10’ away. Face angle at impact is the key to hitting your lines and making more putts.

The Gravity Grip is a major breakthrough in putter grip technology. The body of the grip is ultralight EVA foam that weighs only 35 grams. By placing a 70 gram steel rod along the entire length of the grip ½ inch below the shaft, the hands can feel the precise angle of the face. The hands and the putter head are tied together creating a square zone before and after impact. Feeling is believing.

Reviews (18)
  1. Darron Hart

    This grips just fits perfectly into the palm of each hand and it helps with keeping my putter face square longer in my stroke. Would recommend this grip for sure. Well made and worth the money.

  2. John N.

    Amazing grip! Feel of the grip/putter is the best I’ve ever used. Have had this in my bag for about a year. Paired with an ER7 Mallet & Stability Tour putter shaft. I’m a 30+ year veteran of the golf industry and I believe this is one of the best products available on the market to help improve your putting.

  3. Joe

    Indeed it works…my friends call this putter…the ever roll because the putts role out more than any they’ve ever seen!

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