Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip
Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip
Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip
Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip
Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip

Custom Evnroll Gravity Grip


Virtually eliminates face rotation through impact.



Feeling is Believing

The hands are incredibly sensitive. And the grip is the only physical connection you have to your putter. Where your hands are at impact determines how your putter face makes contact with the ball. 1˚ of face angle at impact will just barely catch the edge of the hole 10’ away. Face angle at impact is the key to hitting your lines and making more putts.

The Gravity Grip is a major breakthrough in putter grip technology. The body of the grip is ultralight EVA foam that weighs only 35 grams. By placing a 70 gram steel rod along the entire length of the grip ½ inch below the shaft, the hands can feel the precise angle of the face. The hands and the putter head are tied together creating a square zone before and after impact. Feeling is believing.

Reviews (18)
  1. Forte (verified owner)

    Yep. This thing works.

    Put this on my ER-7, which I was already loving. Seems like a great grip, for a great putter. Thanks EVNROLL.

  2. Bill F (verified owner)

    Best Grip on the Market

    I have followed Guerin for years and bought one of his early Rife putters and can’t say enough about my Evnroll putter. I opted for the Gravity grip and really has given me extra confidence moving from the Superstroke grip. Four players at my club have switched as well to this grip!

  3. Thomas Berger (verified owner)

    — The best Putter Grip on the market —

    I tried different types of putters and grips. The Gravity Grip is the best I have ever used. Very comfortable and very good control of the hands.

    I have it on the ER9 and the ER5 Black. Perfect!!!

  4. Dec (verified owner)

    A game and technique changer.

    My putting life hit rock-bottom recently. Constant tinkering with grip changes, techniques and putters were becoming the norm. My head was in a mess.

    Firstly identified which model suited my stroke (Evnroll ER2) and then having watched the MyGolfSpy review took a chance in ordering it with a previously un-tried Gravity Grip.

    What I like about the Gravity Grip is it sits in your hands in such a way that it almost forces you to grip the putter properly. My old hand flip misses have gone as have the tinkering that came with my lack of confidence.

    It’s early days for me but this grip is a big improvement on the SuperStroke grips that I’ve used in the past and until last week when the Gravity Grip arrived on my ER2.

    If you struggle with grip confidence and technique or find yourself flipping your hands over and missing left you will love this grip. It’s a game-changer.

  5. SPUD (verified owner)

    Best Grip ever

    Put this Gravity Grip on my Evnroll ER8 it is Fantastic , Stop me from selling the er8 and
    going back to my Ping .

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