The ultimate Evnroll putter fitting experience.

A state-of-the-art fitting center based at Evnroll’s Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, offering the ultimate Evnroll fitting experience.

  • Are you right or left-eye dominant?
  • Where are your hands at impact?
  • What swing-weight best suits your stroke?
  • Is your miss a push or pull?
  • What is the right amount of toe hang for your stroke path?
  • Does your set up match your stroke?
  • What is your ideal grip shape and size?
  • What is your ideal ball position?
  • Does the shaft offset affect your aim or stroke?
  • What is your ideal lie angle? 

If you’ve had a professional putter fitting you could probably answer half of these questions. After an hour with a certified Evnroll fitter you will know the answers to all of these questions and many more.

Evnroll Approach

We take both an Organic and Analytical approach to putting fitting based on over 25 years of Guerin Rife’s experience designing, building and fitting putters for the best players in the world.

During the organic segment of the fitting process, we utilize our patented RollBoard along with the trained eye of our fitters in order to identify the player’s needs. The RollBoard has a one-way nap that instantly shows a visible pattern of your launch and roll characteristics. This valuable tool allows us to ensure a player’s setup and launch conditions are optimal.

One of our experienced team of Evnroll Fitting Technicians will take you through your custom fitting step-by-step using the Quintic Ball Roll System.

The Quintic Ball Roll Analysis System is the gold standard for putting diagnostics and completely validates the EVNROLL Sweet Face Technology. The ultra-high speed camera captures a comprehensive array of stroke data while measuring the efficiency/consistency of the ball roll. Using this information our certified club fitters will build you a putter to the exact specifications needed to make more putts. This includes the head shape, length, weight, loft, lie and grip.

Frequently Asked

Where is the studio located?

3132 Tiger Run Ct
Suite 105
Carlsbad, CA 92010

How long does a fitting usually take?

Fittings will typically last an hour to an hour and a half. To ensure the fitter can spend the most amount of time getting your putter dialed in, we recommend coming in ready with an idea of which models you’d like to try.

Should I bring my putter?

Yes, if possible, please bring your current gamer. It will help us establish a baseline.

What is the price of a fitting?


Can I customize my putter?

Definitely. Aside from the standard options we currently offer such as head weight, shaft length, grip, loft and lie, we are now allowing you to customize the following:

  • Head finish
  • Shaft finish
  • Paint fill

Stay tuned as we plan to add more custom options in the near future.

Can I leave with my new putter that same day?

Yes, in most cases we will build the putter for you as part of the fitting process. However, if we are out of stock on a particular model or there is custom work being done to your putter, it may need to be shipped to you or picked up on a later date.

Can I get the Evnroll Experience anywhere other than Carlsbad, California?

We plan to offer ERX fitting centers in other locations soon!


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