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Golf Alot: Evnroll Putter Has Sweetest Face In Golf

Putter aficionados will be well aware of putter designer Guerin Rife.

Twenty years ago Rife began designing putters under his own name with closely spaced grooves milled into the face of the putter to aid a smooth roll at impact, an idea that many golf manufacturers now incorporate into their own technology.

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Golf Business News: Premier Licensing Bring Evnroll Putters to UK & Ireland

Premier Licensing, one of the leading suppliers of golf and sports accessories in Europe, has signed an agreement to distribute the Evnroll range of putters throughout the UK and Ireland.

Since its inception in 2006, Premier Licensing has built an enviable reputation for creating bespoke branded golf accessories and merchandise for over 26 major football clubs, rugby clubs and associations across the UK and Europe. It has also enjoyed unrivalled success with its PRG brand; supplying premium golf accessories to over 70 of the Top 100 courses in the UK and Ireland on the way to coming the fastest-growing bespoke accessory brand in golf.

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American Golfer: Evnroll Debuts New Putter Line At PGA Merchandise Show



CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, February 12, 2016 – Five years in the making and the brainchild of renowned putter designer Guerin Rife, Evnroll Putters were unveiled to the world at the 63rd annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, promising golfers everywhere a better roll thanks to ‘The Sweetest Face in Golf’.

The line consists of four new head designs each precision milled in Carlsbad, California, featuring an innovative face mill pattern that delivers uniform performance across the entire putter face for unprecedented accuracy.

This is by far the most exciting technology I have ever brought to market,” commented Rife, the man who first introduced grooves to putters 20 years ago.

Evnroll’s ground-breaking technology, found in every putter model, is set to revolutionize putting by eliminating miss-hits, expanding the “sweetspot” into “The Sweetest Face in Golf”.

Every putter has a sweetspot, but only an Evnroll putter has a sweet face,” added Rife. “Our unique progressive mill pattern not only broadens the sweetspot across the entire contact area, but also gently gears the ball back to the target line to ensure even heel and toe putts roll online and virtually the same distance as center hits.


Hitting a straight putt isn’t easy. On a 25 foot putt, a ball hit just half an inch off-center will travel about 6 inches off line and 5% shorter. That slight miss-hit is a missed putt” said Rife.

Backed by years of research and development Evnroll® Technology features a revolutionary mill pattern across the face that works to progressively replace the energy loss on miss-hits, meaning that off-center hits will roll virtually the same distance as center hits. What’s more, the unique milling pattern also gears the ball back to the center.

The Precise face milling on each Evnroll putter imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke. So with an Evnroll putter golfers can roll center and off-center putts the same distance to the same spot.” explained Rife.


Evnroll putters are available in four head designs. From the classic style of the heel-and-toe ER1 and ER2 blades, to the ER5 Hatchback mallet and the deep red center-weighted ER6 iRoll full mallet, each putter head is precision CNC-milled, then hand-ground, finished and assembled to exact specifications.

Each design also includes new LineAline technology, which features two small, unpainted dots on the topline 1/8 inch either side of the centre cavity sightline.

“This provides the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning, while also helping with alignment on breaking putts,” added Rife. Aligning the ball in front of the toe-side dot on right-to-left putts and in front of the heel-side dot on left-to-right putts will help keep the ball travelling on the high side of the target line as 90% of breaking putts are missed below the hole.

Each head comes in a specified weight that compliments the length. Head weights are 15 grams heavier to allow for a 30-gram counter-weight. This combination maintains a tour preferred swing weight for excellent distance control with heavier overall weight for a smoother stroke and greater stability.


Evnroll putters will be available from March 2016. Each putter is available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths with the ER1 and ER2 models offered with an MSRP $299 and the ER5 and ER6 at $329.

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Golf Digest: A new groove story with putters from someone who’s been there before

The story with grooves on putters has been in a heightened state for close to two decades, but the concept is as old as hickory shafts. The idea has wandered along in various forms in recent years with some touting how the grooves might influence the roll on putts while others point to how a particular surface roughness affects feel. Manufacturers from Odyssey to Yes! and Bettinardi to Ping to TaylorMade all have produced designs and face technologies to change the putter impact event.

But does a grooved or otherwise treated putter face affect performance?

One man who’s been there from the beginning of the most recent trend thinks he has a new answer. Guerin Rife, the originator of the Rife 2-Bar Hybrid from infomercial and Champions Tour fame more than a decade ago, is about to reenter the debate with a fresh take and a new company. Rife debuted his Evnroll putters at last month’s PGA Merchandise Show. Rife called it “by far the most exciting technology I have ever brought to market.”

While his original putters pointed to the effect grooves had on the initial roll of the putter, his new putters are focusing on the consistency of roll and distance. Evnroll putters use a groove design that varies in width to create a larger area of the face that produces putts that roll a similar distance.

“The face milling imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke,” Rife said.

Others have explored this area of varying the size and depth of grooves before. Most notable is Ping’s current lineup of putters that feature its TR groove, including the Scottsdale TR models and the new TR1966 Anser-style models.

Rife says that the reduced contact area caused by his grooved face design reduces the force of the hit at impact. That’s why the Evnroll’s groove pattern changes from the center of the face out to the heel and toe. The grooves are more closely spaced in the center of the face where the best energy transfer is, but more widely spaced as they move toward the heel and toe. Rife’s theory is that the wider spacing creates more force on those off-center impacts where energy is transferred less efficiently.

In addition to what Rife calls “progressively replacing the energy lost on mis-hits,” the milling pattern on the Evnroll putter’s grooved face is designed to help heel and toe mis-hits to work back toward a center line.

The Evnroll line includes four putters, all of which are computer milled from single billets of metal. The ER1 and ER2 hee-toe weighted blades ($300) and ER5 two-pronged mallet ($330) are made of stainless steel, while the ER6 ($330) is made of aluminum with an adjustable rear weight. All models are set to be available in March (

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